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About Us

Are you gay and looking for a suitable partner, the right person who really understands you and wants to spend their time with you, but unsure of where to turn?

Then come to us, and we’ll help you to find that special partner who you can really love.

While meeting others who are gay is in itself by no means difficult, it’s really finding that specific individual who will mean something to you that can be a more frustrating process. You’ve had fun in the past, and undoubtedly many experiences, but either way, you now want to find a real committed partner who you can form a genuine connection with.

There will be a lot of fear and doubt at first; after all, how can you guarantee that even someone you meet through us will be suitable? What you need, understandably, is to now have good experiences through us with the right individuals.

What we will do is analyse your needs and considerations, your concerns and your desires, and your personality as a whole, and through this, be able to help you find that specific person; someone who really connects with you on an individual basis, who accepts you just as you are and understands you as well as we’ll come to through your use of our services.

When you’re looking for serious romance and love in Philadelphia, in New York, in Chicago, Houston or Los Angeles, and looking to date another gay person around any of these places who is looking for the same thing as you - a serious relationship with another human being - we can help you. We don’t just analyse your needs; that’s a huge part of it, but it’s not the entire package. We also then take the time to find someone who will match those needs to a tee.

They may have had similar experiences to you; you may feel similar things. Or different ones. In either case, the partners we will match you to will be suitable in every way. You’re looking for someone caring, who will complete you and make your life richer, broader and more wonderful. We are here to help you find exactly that.

Why Choose Us

Safe and Secure

We will keep your account secure and help you to create a strong password.

Profile Verified

We have a profile verification system which ensures every member you meet is genuine.

High Success Rate

Reviews from all over America from our satisfied customers, many who are getting married.

Intelligent Matchmaking

Our system analyses your profile and carefully matches you with compatible like minded individuals.

Eligible Gay Singles

We guarantee you’ll only ever meet eligible singles looking for someone just like you.

Customer Care

We take pride in our service which includes useful information, tips and online helpline.

Success Stories

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